Unseen Images

Look at things from a new perspective and the beauty of our island home will reveal itself in new and dramatic ways as you discover an Amelia you’ve never seen before.

Pablo Picasso famously said that there is only one way of looking at things, until someone shows you how to look with different eyes. All too often, we don’t see the beauty of our island home because we don’t know where or how to look. Or we don’t slow down long enough to really see.
The images that I am sharing in this article are part of a series I have been working on for several years. They can be found in the Landscapes, Seascapes, Skyscapes, and View from a Bridge galleries at UnSeenImages.com.

Through these images, I want to point out how your respect and love of Amelia can change for a number of different reasons, such as: experiencing a place by day or night; the time of day (color changes with temperature); looking in places and directions you’ve never stopped to look at before; seeing beauty and wonder where we don’t usually expect to see it (even in our local industries); by changing perspective, like looking down or up when you’ve never done that before.
I hope these images help you see and appreciate the splendor and treasure of our island like you never have before. In your wonderings—with or without a camera—ask yourself, “What if?” “What if I explore places on the island I’ve never been to before?” “What if I walk the path less traveled?”

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