Uniquely Yours

With colors back in the conversation along with warm woods and textures, the trend in home design is to create a customized living space.

Want to know what’s most important in home design today? You are! While textures like authentic stone, plaster, and wood are coming back, and color is reappearing after white has dominated for the past decade, the leading trend this year is customizing your space and utilizing what you love the most. And all the top Amelia Island designers agree!

“I think the personalization is a sign of the times,” said Robyn Branch of Robyn Branch Design. “Nothing is certain, so individuality is the best trend. Reflect that in your home!” So how do you go about implementing that in your living space?

Gordon Kessler of Gordon + Johnson Design says that means making the design uniquely you. “Incorporate items into your home that are uniquely you. Meaningful objects can be anything: an heirloom, souvenir, a sentimental or whimsical item. It is the objects we fill our homes with that hold the most power to ease our anxieties.”

If this statement is making you want to add all those trinkets you’ve been collecting through the years to your living room shelves, take the advice of Yvonne Fenn of Coastal Cottage of Amelia. “Minimal, calming, and intriguing. These are the key words that describe the 2023 color of the year and the latest design trends,” said Yvonne.

“We always recommend, before you begin to design your space, that you step back and understand what is important to you. What speaks to you? Once you’ve defined that vision, find pieces that speak this vision, put them on the shelves, and then edit! Editing is the most important part of design with respect to accessories and furniture,” she continued.

Tiffany Hinton, designer and founder of Lola Interiors and co-owner of Cape House, is thinking about the return of stained wood and plaster, and she noted that we shouldn’t underestimate the enduring popularity of white. “In our opinion, white is never going to be ‘out of style,’ but the warmth and character that the right wood tones bring is hard to accomplish any other way. In addition, we are using plaster everywhere, including kitchen hoods, ceilings, shower walls, fireplace walls, and bathroom sinks. There are endless color and pattern options to create interest in any space!”

Designer Debi Rodi of Accento Home agrees that white won’t go away quietly. “While color is a 2023 statement, white is always evident in the Island lifestyle. It continues to take center stage with sleek and minimalist high-gloss lacquer furnishings and washed and weathered beachy chic, plastered-look walls that add dimension in any room!”

While personalizing the living spaces in your home seems to be an essential element this season, popular choices in color, natural woods and stones, and textures are available this year. “2023 is bright with color!” said Linda Love of Bling Interior Design. “Corals, denim, blue, and especially green. Look at your ceilings, furniture, rugs, greenery, and even your walls—every corner is a spot for a burst of creativity in the design!”

“I do not follow trends as much as I follow my gut, but I know color is here—and a lot of it! Rich colors are very desirable,” adds Robyn. Gordon noted that the prevalence of color is evident in the choices that homeowners are making in marble this year. “Marble may not ever go out of style, but it has a bold update this year, with artful splashes of color creating bold statement pieces with a touch of drama.”

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect – just uniquely you! “Coordinated and matching space isn’t a priority,” Gordon reiterated. “Incorporate your unique pieces, heirlooms, and thrifted finds. There is empowerment in finding and owning your own personal style!”