Tread and Trample Offers Hope to Those with Mental Illness

Shelby Crew started Tread and Trample to rally communities together to loosen the grip of mental illness through increased awareness and organized walks. As for the organization, all are welcome to join their walks as well as following their Instagram page @treadandtrample. The group’s first walk is named Sheridan’s walk.

The purpose of Sheridan’s walk is to instigate conversation surrounding what mental illness looks like and how to be proactive in our fight against it. Tread and Trample decided to name each walk after an individual who has faced a personal battle with mental illness. As information pertaining to the walk is shared, so is the story of the individual who is the specific walk’s namesake: you can visit our Instagram page to learn more about Sheridan’s story. With walkers receiving per mile pledges and one-time donations, the group will work together to raise funds to sponsor individuals through counseling who would otherwise be financially incapable to do so. 

Tread and Trample’s first walk via the Amelia Island Trail begins at the Amelia Island State Park. Walkers will tread 2.5 miles from and back to the location equaling a total of 5 miles. Tread and Trample will be hosting its first walk, Sheridan’s walk, on July 17th at 9 a.m. To sign up, visit their Instagram page and click the link in their bio. 

Mental illness is a real concern that is, unfortunately, often still stigmatized. As Shelby walked through her own personal battle with mental illness, she was desperate to hear voices who understood and stories of hope. Tread and Trample exists to be a light in a dark place for those who are struggling through: to help financially, share others stories, show people they are not alone, and remind them that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.