“Plant a Pine” and Help Florida State Parks Get Greener!

Trees play a key role in our environment, cleaning the air, filtering water, and providing needed habitat for hundreds of species of insects, and other animals and plants. Trees are an integral part of our ecosystems and they help reduce stress and allow us to connect with nature and provide a calming effect. Imagine a time when you walked through a park among towering trees…that’s why Florida State Parks Foundation started the Plant a Pine campaign.

Plant a Pine is focused on Longleaf Pine which are native to the Southeast and now cover an estimated 3% of their original habitat. They have long been prized for their commercial use in building houses, ships, and railroads and their resin is used for making turpentine. Mature longleaf ecosystems support more than 30 endangered and threatened species, including red-cockaded woodpeckers, gopher tortoises, and indigo snakes. Regular burning to restore their natural rhythms enables longleaf pine to become rich, stable ecosystems. Longleaf pines are fire-adapted and dependent on burning which stabilizes and enriches the soil.

For more information visit Plant A Pine | Florida State Parks Foundation