Amelia Island Coffee

With a welcoming ambience and skilled baristas, Amelia Island Coffee serves cool drinks, like cold brews, iced chai, and smoothies, plus beignets and all your breakfast favorites.

An Island of Eight Flags

Only minutes from the Florida-Georgia state line, Amelia Island is a small barrier island off the coast of northeast Florida. The island and the town on it, Fernandina Beach, have a rich history, which includes a Native American Timucuan settlement, Spanish rule, pirates, shrimping, and much more. Because of its varied history, Amelia Island’s identity […]

Sofia Talvik to Perform at Story and Song on June 8

Swedish singer/songwriter Sofia Talvik is a North Sea siren whose spellbinding voice blends sparkle and melancholy, giving her original music a Nordic flavor with an Americana twist. Known for her emotive storytelling and masterfully-crafted melodies, Talvik’s latest album, “Center of the Universe,” released in 2023, received widespread acclaim and even garnered consideration for a Grammy […]

Hike Into History on June 16

On June 16, Ranger Josh will take visitors on a tour of Kingsley Plantation which overlooks the Fort George River. The event will include a look at the late 18th-century planter’s house, the slave cabins, the gardens, the barn and the kitchen. He will discuss the history of the plantation and its complex tale of […]