Amelia Island Coffee

With a welcoming ambience and skilled baristas, Amelia Island Coffee serves cool drinks, like cold brews, iced chai, and smoothies, plus beignets and all your breakfast favorites.

An Island of Eight Flags

Only minutes from the Florida-Georgia state line, Amelia Island is a small barrier island off the coast of northeast Florida. The island and the town on it, Fernandina Beach, have a rich history, which includes a Native American Timucuan settlement, Spanish rule, pirates, shrimping, and much more. Because of its varied history, Amelia Island’s identity […]

Earth & Heat: Amelia Island Pottery, Past and Present with Dr. Niell Wallis at Amelia Island Museum of History

Your favorite mug, your terracotta planter, your heirloom tea set: pottery is all around us, but the process behind it is much more complex than many people realize. Earth & Heat takes an expansive look at how local pottery is crafted, from native Timucuan works to contemporary potters on the island today. The exhibit will […]