Amelia Island Coffee

With a welcoming ambience and skilled baristas, Amelia Island Coffee serves cool drinks, like cold brews, iced chai, and smoothies, plus beignets and all your breakfast favorites.

An Island of Eight Flags

Only minutes from the Florida-Georgia state line, Amelia Island is a small barrier island off the coast of northeast Florida. The island and the town on it, Fernandina Beach, have a rich history, which includes a Native American Timucuan settlement, Spanish rule, pirates, shrimping, and much more. Because of its varied history, Amelia Island’s identity […]

Lobster Night on Amelia River Cruises

Experience “Lobster Night on Amelia River Cruises” on July 10, featuring The Brunch Box Deli,and Jessie, the Cicerone from First Love Brewing. Cruise the waterways of Amelia and Cumberland Islands while enjoying live music, a stunning sunset, playful wildlife, and historic landmarks. Unwind with a Pau Hana Helles lager to start your evening. Delight in […]