Platoons of Pelicans

A common sight along the Atlantic Coast and the Gulf of Mexico, the Brown Pelican is a remarkable diver whose population has made a strong recovery since the 1970’s.

Amelia Fresh Café

Located inside Nassau Health Foods, Amelia Fresh Café now offers a delicious breakfast, prepared with the freshest ingredients, as well as muffins, bagels, and great coffee.

Nassau County Strawberry Festival is Here!

The Nassau County Strawberry Festival opened at the Northeast Florida Fairgrounds, 543378 US-1, Callahan, on April 26, and is ongoing through May 12. In its inaugural year, Hildebrand Rides will have strawberry-themed rides, with food and numerous activities available. Strawberry treats available for purchase include ice cream, chocolate-covered strawberries, strawberry skewers, shish kabobs, funnel cakes […]