Making a Splash for Wellness

Creating a lifestyle with wellness at its core should be a priority for everyone, as it is at Osprey Village, a premier senior living community located on Amelia Island. The community’s mission is to support seniors in living longer, healthier, happier lives. As part of that ongoing mission, the community will soon add a 640-square-foot indoor saltwater pool as an extension of their current wellness program.

The addition of a pool will allow residents to have on-site access to aquatic therapy. Participating in aquatic wellness programs on a regular basis constitutes a full-body workout that allows seniors to burn calories while protecting their bones and joints. Swimming and aquatic movement is a form of low impact exercise, making it easy on muscles, due to the buoyancy of the water and resistance that is naturally created.

Additionally, swimming keeps an average adult’s heart rate up without putting the stress of their body. Swimming and water aerobics help to raise one’s heart rate gradually, which strengthens the muscles and improves circulation, effectively lowering the risk of heart disease. Participating in resistance-based exercises provides seniors with a safe opportunity to rebuild their muscle mass, which if left untreated can lead to increased fall risk and injury.

Overall, aquatic exercise is beneficial for seniors because it helps to maintain a healthy heart, lungs, muscles and weight and assists with living a healthy, independent life.

The wellness program at Osprey Village has been recognized by Argentum, a senior living association leader, for three national Best of the Best Awards in wellness. Previously Osprey Village has maintained a partnership with a local aquatic center to participate in its award-winning WAVES program. WAVES is an aquatic therapy program for seniors suffering from dementia. It was inspired by the needs of Osprey Village residents and designed to improve strength, balance, appetite, sleep patterns, and reduce overall anxiety and stress.

In addition to WAVES, Osprey Village residents will be able to enjoy the new aquatic center for lap swimming, relaxation, and scheduled classes like Aqua Fit. Aqua Fit focuses on flexibility, strength training, balance, and cardio all in one program, utilizing the water for resistance and buoyancy.
A holistic approach to wellness that includes aquatic therapy provides a sense of well-being, creating a lifestyle that focuses on remaining independent throughout life and enjoying retirement to the fullest.

Elizabeth Faile is Social Media Coordinator for Senior Living Communities, LLC. For more information, contact Osprey Village at