Life on Amelia

Amelia Island photographers Sherry Carter and Lilly Scheetz capture the beauty of life on Amelia Island in their work, and they share some of their favorite moments this month.

As a writer for the Amelia Islander Magazine, I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many incredible people and share their stories. But I’m not the only one telling these stories. No article is complete without the perfect images to accompany the words on the page. I am very fortunate to work with two talented photographers, Sherry Roberteen Carter and Lilly Scheetz, who see stories everywhere.

If you ask either of them when they decided to become professional photographers, their answers are almost identical. Neither one thinks of themselves as professional, though it’s quite clear that they are. Not only because they make their living doing it, but because of the quality of their photos.

“When I was a young girl, I always had a camera in my hand and wanted to be a photographer for National Geographic Magazine,” says Sherry. “Instead, I became a registered nurse with a passion for photography. I volunteered at the hospital to take photos for events or evidence. Through the years, I’d take jobs when someone needed my photography skills, and my photographs were published a few times in Virginia.”

“I always loved being in nature, taking photos of whatever lurks in mother nature’s beauty,” says Lilly. “Then someone asked me to take photos of them, and I said as long as I can embed you into nature, I’ll do it. I fell in love with both combined.”

Twelve years ago, Karen Miller, a writer for the Islander, saw Sherry’s photos. Phil was looking for a photographer, so she recommended Sherry. Years later, Sherry met Lilly on a photo shoot, and they hit it off. When the Islander needed another photographer, she put in a word for Lilly, just like Karen did for her.

I could fill up pages with stories about how Sherry and Lilly have made every article better with their keen eyes and photographic vision, but I would rather show you.


To see the full article, pick up a copy of the August issue around the island, or view the digital issue here.