Home Sweet Home

Mixing warm, earthy tones with splashes of color, interior design trends this year are mixing neutral palettes with a punch of color, wood and texture, and a bit of tradition.

It’s a new year, and when it comes to interior home design, Amelia Island designers are offering brand new portfolios that explore color, texture, pattern, and nature. “Warm and familiar is the mood of the year,” says Tiffany Hinton, interior designer and founder of Lola Interiors. “From traditional to modern, the trends are pursuing the feeling of ‘home.’”

And what could accomplish the feeling of “home” more than incorporating pieces you love, like the something special you picked up on vacation, a family heirloom, or a unique find from an antique shop that you cherish. “Choose a statement item that brings a punch of colorful energy,” encourages Yvonne Fenn, owner and principal designer for Coastal Cottage of Amelia. “Statement pieces are the trend for ‘24 and are great to amp up neutral spaces—it can be anything from a vibrant piece of art to a bright carpet.”

“This year’s color forecast is warm with earthy tones, muted neutrals, and soft pastels beside bold accents and pops of color to inject personality and vibrancy,” says Gordon Kessler of Gordon + Johnson Design. Designers are delivering this aesthetic via cabinets, rugs, wallpaper, and even furniture that contrasts with the walls or other palates in the space.

“I always recommend a sofa in neutral fabric,” reinforced Julie Burnette, ASID, Interior Designer at ISOLA Home. “Bring in art, throws, you name it, in hues you love for more color. Pillow fabrics are a great choice to elevate the look and mix pattern with color!”

Wood is another great—and natural—option to build warmth and contrast. “Wood wall treatments are super interesting this season,” explains Robyn Branch of Robyn Branch Design. Linda Love of Bling Interior Designs agreed, adding that faux wood painting is an option if you can’t pull off the real thing! Gordon echoed the popularity of wood this season, emphasizing that sustainability is at the top of many minds as they explore their options, elevating natural wood, stone, and sustainable textiles as popular picks while making room for tradition.

“We’ve seen the pendulum swing even further towards traditional this year,” says Tiffany. “There’s a return to details: think pleated and fringe-skirted sofas, reeded cabinet doors, gallery rails on shelving, and more.”

Robyn concurs, noting that she’s having fun this year working with tiles in large scale and prints, and not just on the floor. “Ceiling treatments are gaining prominence, and in a very impressive way—a true mark of tradition,” she says.

And the great news is that if one or more of these elements moves you, you don’t have to pick just one. Pairing, layering, and combining are always encouraged. “We are using lots of layers,” says Tiffany, “mixing patterns, wallpaper, fabric, you name it.”

“It is perfect etiquette this season to pair velvet, corduroy, or even mohair if you can believe it,” says Linda, drawing on her recent experiences. “Mixing patterns adds depth, along with a collected and custom feel to any space. Wallpaper is one of our favorite choices for instant style and pattern, and we love how our clients are trusting us and committing to something fun!” And Linda suggests we think about stripes, as they are dominating both horizontally and vertically in this season’s trends.

When it comes to shape this season, Gordon describes it as “a marriage of contemporary lines with eclectic elements that results in a visually striking and deeply personal space.” Robyn gives a great example of how she is bringing it all together, incorporating fluted cabinetry and furniture in baths and then larger pieces, like media cabinets, in family spaces.

At the end of the day, everyone agrees there are no hard-and-fast rules for home design in 2024. Keep the focus on pairing things that you love, and you can be sure you’ll love your home.