Falling for Shrimp Festival to be held October 1-3

If you haven’t heard, The Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival Committee and presenting sponsor, Baptist Medical Center-Nassau, are proud to officially announce their “Falling for Shrimp” event, which will occur this October 1st, 2nd and 3rd in historic downtown Fernandina Beach! This will be a first for Fernandina Beach and the committee cannot wait to open their thriving downtown to the public during the cooler temperatures.

Festival planners are inviting all companies and individual organizations who would like to be sponsors of this event to contact the sponsorship directors listed below for a great opportunity and great spot to showcase their business, in an expanded vendor area with excellent locations which will enhance their marketing and sales possibilities. Keep in mind, if there are any changes in policy for health-related concerns, your sponsorship fee will be 100% refunded.

Please contact these sponsorship directors personally for more information and to reserve your spot at the Falling for Shrimp Festival!

John Scherer

Sponsorship Director


Cindy Clay

Sponsorship Co-Director