COVID-19 Updates from Florida Health Department/Nassau County

OneNassau will no longer schedule COVID-19 Vaccines for the Nassau County Health Department. • Anyone wanting to receive a COVID-19 vaccine can come to our “Walk-In Wednesday” Clinic at the Yulee Health Department site at 86014 Pages Dairy Road, Yulee, FL. Clinic hours are 8:15AM to 11:15AM and 1:15PM to 4:15 PM. Our walk-in clinics will continue until June 30, 2021 and then this webpage site will be updated with new dates. • If you live on the West Side of the County you can call 904-875-6110, Option 1 to speak to us about making an appointment at our Callahan Clinic for a COVID-19 vaccine.

Homebound? – Nassau County Health Department has COVID-19 vaccine available to any homebound Nassau County resident. Homebound would be someone that can’t get out of their home without assistance by ambulance or special transportation services. If you or someone in your family is homebound, please call 904-875-6126 for information.

Shots brought to your business/organization? The Health Department will be glad to speak to any business or organization (church, work site, etc) about coming to their site to administer COVID-19 vaccine. For consideration, the site must have determined that at least 10 people will receive the Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Call 904-875-6126 if your business or organization is interested.

Other vaccine locations? There are many other sites that are offering the COVID-19 vaccine in our community that you may call to obtain the vaccine. Barnabas Center is now offering Moderna Vaccine to anyone in the community. You can call them at 904-261-7000 for information. Additionally, Publix, Walgreens, CVS, and Winn Dixie all offer the vaccine. You may want to check with your primary care provider/doctor to see if they have the vaccine available. You can use the vaccine locator on this site to obtain information of other vaccine locations. Local television and newspapers also have information on where to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine.