Amelia Fresh Café

Located inside Nassau Health Foods, Amelia Fresh Café now offers a delicious breakfast, prepared with the freshest ingredients, as well as muffins, bagels, and great coffee.

Great news! We have another breakfast place on Amelia Island! From 8:00 to 10:30 a.m. Monday through Friday, you can get breakfast at Amelia Fresh Café in Nassau Health Foods to pick up or eat in, sit inside or outside, or order online or by phone. If you’re new to Amelia Fresh Café, here’s how to do it: at the Nassau Health Foods check-out kiosk, look at the menu, place your order, and have a seat.*
A soft-spoken Folkston native with degrees in business and culinary arts, Executive Chef and Café Manager Ashley Walker has worked on the island for a while. She cooks, too, making weekly specials, both vegan and non-vegan soup, and a lunch special. But this is about breakfast; lunch is another matter.

Breakfast is in the capable hands of a personable fellow whom locals will recognize as Robert Lannon. From one of the original Fernandina shrimping families, he says he is amazed each year to see how his family’s participation in the Fiesta of Eight Flags Shrimp Boat Races in the 1960’s has been transformed into today’s Shrimpfest. A Culinary Institute of America (CIA) alum, he has cooked around the United States and in many of the dear old legacy restaurants long-time Amelia Islanders will remember.

He insists on the finest ingredients in his dishes. “Only heavy cream! No milk or half-and-half here. There is a reason for each ingredient in a dish,” he says. I half expected him to break into a speech on food science, as I’m sure he would if I asked him. When Sherry Carter and I visited recently, Robert was happy to perform: Our two omelets were one with meat —ham, bacon, sausage, onion, spinach, red pepper—and one without—mushroom, spinach, kale, tomato, red pepper, sprouts, goat cheese, crema. The texture blends were delectable! We went halfsies on everything so we could share and compare flavors.

Our muffin and bagel were special. As a lifelong bagel-avoider, I was happy to find one with interesting flavor. Fruit would enhance what had become brunch at this point, so we peered into the variety of choices in the chill case. Yum! All we needed was a cup of that coffee for which Amelia Fresh is known. No coffee fanciness now, just coffee.

Wednesday through Friday are quiche days, or mini quiche, that is, using similar ingredients but with different ratios and technique. Scrumptious! I have a good idea: in the future, I can pre-order and pick up some specialties by Friday at 10:30 a.m. to elevate my family’s weekend. You see, I do cook well, but in my house, we don’t keep the quality and variety of ingredients at the ready as Amelia Fresh Café does. And lucky me to have a CIA-trained chef around the corner making breakfast items for me.* If you want, ask Robert while he cooks for you about the famous person for whom he was personal chef or about his storied life in Fernandina restaurants.

Knowing breakfast is served from 8-10:30 a.m. M-F and lunch from 11-3 p.m. M-F makes it easy to plan my Nassau Health Foods shopping trip around an Amelia Fresh Café breakfast or lunch—or both. I’ll call it lunkfast. Amelia Fresh Café is located inside Nassau Health Foods at 833 T.J. Courson Road.