A Safe Haven

Offering critical prevention and intervention services, education, and a 24/7 hotline, Micah’s Place provides hope and help for victims of domestic violence in Nassau County.

More than 1,000 victims served. Over 5,000 nights of safety provided. Approximately 150 survivors legally represented pro-bono. 1,500 helpline calls and texts answered. Close to 3,000 members of the community trained and educated.

That is the most recent 12-month footprint of the services that Micah’s Place—a domestic violence center here on Amelia Island—provides in our community. Micah’s Place is the only certified domestic violence center serving Nassau County, and its mission is to provide prevention and intervention services to victims of domestic violence and provide education within our community to effect change in behavior and attitudes.

So, what exactly is domestic violence? The United Nations defines it as “a pattern of behavior in any relationship that is used to gain or maintain power and control over an intimate partner be it physical, sexual, emotional, economic or psychological actions or threats of actions.” Because of the scale of domestic violence, services like those of Micah’s Place bring rescue, healing, and empowerment to victims in all stages of their healing journey. “At Micah’s Place, we work with each and every client to meet them where they are and offer services specifics to their needs,” explains Cassie Ott Crosby, Outreach & Community Engagement Director.

Left to right: Cassie Crosby, Taylor Riffey, Tracie Fasel,
and Heather Jones. Photo by Lilly Scheetz

“Everything we do is free, it’s confidential just like an attorney-client privilege, but most of all, it’s supportive; we like to think of our services as the soft hand on victims’ backs to guide them through their journeys. And each journey is unique and helps us to grow and become better at what we do,” she adds.

A cornerstone to the work of Micah’s Place is its 24/7 hotline, emergency shelter, legal aid, and community education. The hotline, which now offers voice and text support, provides crisis intervention counseling, safety planning, and supportive services at the point of need. When a victim reaches out, the team is there to help navigate their next steps.

Sometimes the next step is for a victim to find safety in the Micah’s Place shelter, which provides all the basic needs, including meals and personal care items. At other times, clients benefit from added services such as counseling and support groups, financial and legal assistance, and education. “How we help varies with every situation, but at the end of the day, when a victim is reaching out, it’s terrifying, confusing, and Micah’s Place is able to step in and answer questions and offer assistance that the victim often cannot otherwise afford,” says Cassie.

To offer these services, Micah’s Place relies on three key pillars: grants and fundraising, the Purple Dove Resale Center, and volunteers. On the fundraising front, Micah’s Place has been awarded a matching grant for $10,000 from The Community Foundation of Northeast Florida to strengthen the organization. Behind high-quality programs is a need for capacity building, the process of increasing a nonprofit’s ability to fulfill its mission. Increased capacity helps strengthen their roots and provide improved technology, strategy, and processes to better serve survivors. Every donation designated to the 2022 Capacity Grant will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $10,000. To donate, visit: www.micahsplace.org/match.

By donating your gently used clothing, household items, and furniture, along with shopping at Micah’s Place Purple Dove Resale Center, you are helping to provide 25 percent of Micah’s Place annual revenue and you are creating a supply chain to stock the homes of survivors who are rebuilding their lives. Purple Dove is located at 474311 State Road 200, and you may also donate items at 2118 Sadler Road, or visit the website at www.micahsplace.org/pickup to request free pick-up.

And, by volunteering at the resale centers, assisting with donation processing, or spreading awareness, volunteer hours provide immediate help and leverage future grant dollars. For more information on how you can help, visit their website at micahsplace.org or call (904) 491-6364.