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Amelia Islander

Bringing Back Color

Apr 08, 2020 04:56PM ● By Tom Barrett
By Julie Simmons
Photo by Jessie Preze Photography

While white kitchens have been front-and-center for some time now, colors are stepping onto the stage this year to compete with the reigning star for the attention of homeowners and remodelers. That’s what this year is all about: recent trends giving a little room to some new options for your home, interesting possibilities that allow you to take the story in your own unique direction.

If you’ve just remodeled your kitchen, don’t get nervous! “We still see a sea of white, gray, and neutrals, stemming from the desire to look perfect on Instagram, create resale value, and to be safe,” says Robyn Branch, Associate ASID, Robyn Branch Design. The trend isn’t out, but yes, it’s fading, particularly in high-end design, which is opting for individuality and the opportunity to tell your own story in your home design.

“We are seeing clients launching with neutral palates, and then craving definition and color,” notes Robyn. “That’s when it gets super interesting to provide the hues with wallpaper, rugs, art, and other accents.”

All designers agree that painted cabinetry and furniture are trending in particular. Think about two tones, like a black island base with white cabinetry, or on Amelia Island, something with the Pantone color of the year, which is classic blue. “It’s a color that anticipates what’s going to happen next,” says Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute. Locally, this color mimics the deep blue sea! So how can you organically build this tone into your future home design?

Tiffany Hinton, designer and founder of Lola Interiors and co-owner of Cape House, encourages clients to mix patterns and shapes. “While a collected look, with a nod back to traditional, is often what we are striving towards, clients want a bit of personality, a little edge, and that’s where pattern play can set any space apart,” she says. Think of a typical farmhouse turned sophisticated with European inspirations. Pair antique with modern or traditional floral and block with today’s solids and geometric shapes.

When it comes to texture, last year was all about natural wood tones, Tiffany notes, while this year welcomes all sorts of expanded textures, with cane and rattan battling for the top spot. “You can see these textures on cabinets, furniture, pillows, accessories, you name it,” she says. Robyn’s favorite presentation is wallpaper. “Wallpaper is phenomenal, and individuality is key,” she explains. “Made of wood, fiber, or hand painted, use them for walls or ceilings – the entire space is important.”

“I believe every element you select in your design is important,” says Julie Johnson of Julia Hall Interiors, “but at the same time, I am a big proponent of comfort. I suggest choosing what you love. What makes you happy to look at each and every day? Old mixes with new if you love it! And if it’s functional for you and how you live, even better!”

Whatever you choose, the trend today is about you, and what tells your story. “Individual and curated items are key to a well put together home,” says Robyn. “Traditional decor done right is fierce, modern, softer, and more comfortable. The individual personalities drive this, and make sense of it.”

As you think about your new home, your old home made new, or just your home, remember: at the end of the day, the latest trends don’t really matter all that much. Do you love it? Do the things in your house bring you and your loved ones closer? Those are the most important trends in home design, and we encourage everyone to keep these values front-and-center in your home design.