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Amelia Islander

Steve Leimberg Presents “Iceland: Land of the Midnight Sun/Land of Fire and Ice”

Mar 16, 2020 02:52AM ● By Karen Miller

Come to the Fernandina Beach Library (community room) at 25 North Fourth Street at 5:45 p.m. on March 26 for an up close and personal journey to Iceland. Steve Leimberg, “BirdMan of Amelia” and lead author of the books A Day on Amelia, A Day at White Oak, and Birds of Amelia I and II will be presenting a stunning visual presentation entitled, “Iceland: Land of the Midnight Sun/Land of Fire and Ice!”

Don’t miss this dramatic and vivid imagery from two of Steve’s most recent journeys to this incredible place. Seeing Iceland through this professional artist’s eyes will bring you into sharp focus with Iceland’s modern sculpture of an ancient Viking longboat, the towering statute of Norse explorer/adventurer Leif Erickson – in front of a towering cathedral, farmhouses and churches, geothermal power stations that look like scenes from futuristic sci-fi movies, images of the Harpa – a stunning performing arts center, and you’ll visit Iceland’s fields, mountains, waterfalls and flowers.

 In the same hour you’ll meet some of Iceland’s farmers, innkeepers, horses, ships, fishing villages, a reconstructed Viking Village, ice caves and of course, look up to the northern lights.

Steve, a professional portrait and fine-art wildlife photographer noted for his painting-like images, has studied and traveled extensively with Iceland’s preeminent photographer, Ragnar Sigurdsson.