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Timucuan Parks Foundation: Celebrate and Explore Our Wilderness Parks

Nov 01, 2019 02:00AM ● By Karen Miller

Members of the community are invited to celebrate the opening of an exhibition at the Museum of Science & History titled “Timucuan Parks Foundation: Celebrate and Explore Our Wilderness Parks.” The exhibition will be open to the public from Oct. 30, 2019, through May 31, 2020 and will feature Jacksonville’s parks and preserves through the eyes of local artists. It will include four new park paintings by Kathy Stark, a video that will include drone footage captured by Tom Schifanella, and still images taken by photographer Will Dickey. Panels will highlight Timucuan Parks Foundation’s accomplishments of the last 20 years as well as their current resiliency, health, engagement and park development initiatives.

 The exhibition celebrates the area’s national, state, and city parks and preserves and recognizes the special sense of place and sense of well-being they provide. The exhibition will also debut two new marketing focuses: 7 Creeks Trail Partnership and the Barrier Islands Parks. For more information, visit The Museum of Science & History (MOSH) is located at 1025 Museum Circle in Jacksonville.

About Timucuan Parks Foundation: The Timucuan Parks Foundation is a nonprofit organization that preserves, promotes and enhances Jacksonville’s vast network of preservation parks. The foundation originated in 1999 with the Preservation Project Jacksonville, Inc. to identify and assist in acquiring the most vulnerable and environmentally sensitive lands in Duval County. The acquisition of lands created the largest urban park system in the United States. The Timucuan Parks Foundation works with park partners, including the National Park Service, Florida State Parks and the City of Jacksonville, to promote environmental stewardship, the health benefits of the parks and preserves, and an appreciation for Jacksonville’s special outdoor spaces. For more information, visit