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Fancy Sushi

Jul 10, 2019 05:01PM ● By Tom Barrett
A friend once told me as I was about to open a restaurant that consistency breeds constancy; if you always prepare it well, they will come back again and again. And so, on a recent sultry summer evening, my wife and I found ourselves seated once again in the cool environs of one of our favorite spots, Fancy Sushi Japanese Grill and Sushi Bar.
The service at Fancy Sushi is always friendly and prompt, but on this night, thanks to the unpredictable nature of a restaurant schedule, our server was none other than owner Susan Wang herself. We are an easy table. I could probably fill out my sushi order blindfolded.
Our drinks quickly arrived, followed by bowls of piping hot Mayabi, the delicious clear broth with thinly sliced mushrooms and crumbled tempura cracker, and an order of tempura-battered kani, or artificial crab stick drizzled with shrimp sauce. The fact that these dishes are complimentary and given to every customer makes me feel no less special when they smile and place it on my table. A tall Sapporo in a frosty mug for me, an icy Coke for the missus, and all is right with the world.
Whether or not we bring the kids, we always order steamed Gyoza and an order of Wakame or Seaweed Salad to start our meal. I love to mix the sweet and savory seaweed with the thinly sliced “noodles” of daikon radish, and the steamed pork-filled dumplings with their special gyoza sauce are a family favorite. The a la carte side of the sushi menu offers items familiar to most sushi lovers, but I almost always go for an order of Tuna, Escolar, Spicy Scallop, and Baby Octopus prepared Nigiri-style on balls of seasoned rice. My youngest daughter loves baby octopus; she bites off the head and groans, “Mmm, brains!” much to the horror of her vegetarian older sister.
The kids love to order off the hibachi menu, usually choosing the Chicken Teppanyaki with Noodles and Vegetable Fried Rice, but Allie and I are here for the sushi. We order a couple of classic rolls like the Rock n Roll and the Soft Shell Crab, but Allie’s favorite is the Fancy Q.
Spicy tuna and avocado are rolled with nori and seasoned rice, and then blanketed by thin layers of escolar before being topped again with paper-thin slices of avocado and drizzled with a smoky eel sauce; it is beautiful and delicious. When our sushi was delivered, one might think us gluttons, but it is only I who is truly guilty. When I pushed away from the table, no trace of the royal feast that had been laid before us remained.
The rolls were fabulous, each one scrumptious and surrounded by the stately pieces of nigiri. As our meal ended, Susan asked if we would like a complimentary fried oreo, a house treat, but Allie and I knew when we turned in our order that there would be no room for such confections when the evening was over.
Fancy Sushi Japanese Grill and Sushi Bar has been delighting customers since 2007.  They can be found on Sadler Road across the street from the Publix shopping center or online at