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Amelia Islander

Cross Country Mortgage

Jan 08, 2019 01:12PM
Dave Mumbauer moved his family from Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania to the Amelia Island area six years ago. “My wife and I were looking for a place with a small-town vibe, and the community here has embraced us. We’ve embraced them back.” Dave—who works from his home office in Yulee—is a loan officer for the Jacksonville branch of Cross Country Mortgage, a national company. “Our mission,” Dave explains, “is to provide clients with the best possible advice and benefit for their financial needs while facilitating a straightforward, stress-free mortgage process for buyers, sellers, and realtors.”

Cross Country Mortgage handles all types of residential mortgages, whether new construction or existing residences. “We are very flexible,” says Dave. “If regulations allow it, we can do it.” Dave specializes in working with Nassau County clients, often meeting with them at the Nassau County Chamber of Commerce conference room or at Starbucks. “I came from the logistics and supply chain business, where I worked 24/7,” says Dave. “I travelled for work, and I was just not at home with my family enough.”

Since moving to Yulee, Dave and his wife, Kelly, have become active with their children’s schools and extracurricular activities. All three of their children are soccer players. Dave also is an active member of the Nassau County Chamber of Commerce. He loves having a home office, which gives him flexibility to work his own hours—like after the kids are in bed! For more information, call (904) 583-6901.