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Amelia Islander

Precision Chiropractic

Sep 04, 2018 01:01PM
Dr. Kevin Lin, his wife, Rebekah, and their three daughters moved to Fernandina Beach six years ago, where he opened Precision Chiropractic, at 1699 South 14th Street. The beach and the sun brought him to Amelia Island, but it was the community that made him stay. “We love the people here, and discovered a need for our specific type of chiropractic care,” says Dr. Lin. “Our state-of-the-art facility allows us to get to the root cause of patients’ ailments, helping them lead healthier lives.”

Precision Chiropractic’s focus is on NeuroStructural Correction, which looks for the underlying neural shifts in the spine that can cause a body’s foundation to be off. “Rather than constantly chasing down symptoms, we focus on fixing the underlying structural abnormality and help you return to optimum structural alignment,” says Dr. Lin. “Our initial examinations include advanced Neural Restoration Radiographs, Neural Structural Spinal Analysis, Neural System Analysis, and Neural Shift Detection, along with Orthopedic and Neurological Tests. These provide us with a complete understanding of the underlying cause of a patient’s condition.”

Dr. Lin is working towards a Diplomate in Chiropractic Craniocervical Junction Procedures, the premier post-graduate certification in NeuroStructural Correction. The gentle nature of NeuroStructural Correction allows ease of structural alignment for patients of all ages, accomplished without forceful manipulation, twisting, or cracking of the spine. For a complimentary consultation, call (904) 310-0064 or visit