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Save the Date for Best Selling Author Kristina McMorris at Fernandina Beach Library

Jul 13, 2018 02:00AM
NYT bestselling author Kristina McMorris has produced a remarkable new work of historical fiction set during the Great Depression, called Sold on a Monday (Sourcebooks Landmark, September 2018). The novel is inspired by an actual newspaper photograph depicting American children for sale.

Kristina will sign books and speak on "The Great Depression and Shocking Scoops from the Newsroom" at the "Books and Bites Series" at the Fernandina Beach Library on Sept. 20 from 11:30 am-1 pm.  Sandwiches and lemonade will be served at this free event which is open to the public. Those who want to attend should RSVP at this address:

When protagonist Ellis Reed—a young reporter relegated to banal assignments at the Philadelphia Examiner—shoots a picture of two children advertised for sale on a farmhouse porch in Laurel Township, Pennsylvania, in 1931, the act catapults both his career and the superbly paced action in Sold on a Monday. The photo comes to the attention of the editor-in- chief after his secretary, Lily Palmer, discovers the picture in the darkroom and surreptitiously assists Ellis. Unfortunately, the photo and negative are destroyed before publication, and Ellis must return to the scene for a second photo. The family, however, is gone. Torn between conscience and desire for his big break, Ellis stages a second photograph with a different pair of young siblings, spurring an unforeseen and devastating chain of events.

The moving article soon catches the eye of the city editor at the New York Herald Tribune, who wants a reporter with a “heart.” At first all seems like a dream for Ellis in his new position. But his dishonesty for the benefit of his own success endangers the lives of the children he stages in the photograph. Haunted with guilt and worry, and at the expense of losing his job, Ellis determines to rescue the kids and elicits Lily’s assistance. The presence and loss of children in both Lily’s and Ellis’ personal lives create a strong and romantic bond between these two vivid characters who struggle to unravel the mystery toward liberating the children.