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Amelia Islander

Amelia Island Transitions

May 02, 2018 11:56AM
When several women with a sense of humor get together, you will hear stories—stories of love, marriage, husbands, jobs, houses, children, moves, new jobs, ex-husbands, new husbands, grandchildren, and more. That’s when ideas start flowing, especially over a glass of wine. “Despite coming from careers as diverse as decorator, designer, flight attendant, business owner, and radiology, we realized how much we had in common, plus there was a need for our talents,” says Trish Metz. “That’s how Amelia Island Transitions was born!” Lilly Crotts, April Clery, Jackie Watson, and Sandy Dupriest, along with Trish, each enjoyed creating a home environment for themselves and their families that was beautiful, welcoming, and functional, and they shared the desire to have one more career. “By combining our unique individual talents and experiences, we have new careers that are fun and fulfilling while offering a service that makes others’ lives much easier,” says Trish. Taking the worry out of moving by assisting homeowners with every step of their relocation, Amelia Island Transitions will help turn a new house into a new home. From evaluating existing furniture and furnishings to creating a new design for the home, to packing, unpacking, and organizing, Amelia Island Transitions professionals will handle it all. Bonded and insured, they can have your new home organized, decorated, and ready in no time. “Our job is to make your life easier!” says Metz. For more information, call (904) 362-7679, email [email protected], or visit