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Amelia Islander

Mary Wyeroski Turns 100

Mar 26, 2018 02:00AM
The same year that Houdini performed his vanishing elephant illusion at New York’s Hippodrome Theatre, another major event was occurring not too far away on Mulberry Street in New York City. It was February 5, 1918, and MaryAdeline Competelli made her debut into the world; she was the first child born to Anthony and Louisa Competelli. Mary grew up in New York and went on to marry her high school sweetheart, Benjamin Wyeroski, in June 1940. On February 5, 2018, she joined an elite group of people as she became a centenarian, someone who reaches the age of 100. There are approximately 316,600 centenarian members worldwide. Mary celebrated her birthday at Osprey Village with her daughter, Carolyn Strunk, and son-in-law Brian Strunk in attendance. Her son, Richard Wyeroski was unable to join the festivities but sent birthday greetings Mary’s way. Along with family, her friends gathered for a truly memorable lunch. Mary loves a good Coney Island hot dog so that is exactly what her daughter, Carolyn, made certain was on the menu for her party. Everyone feasted on Nathan’s hot dogs complete with Nathan’s mustard, Nathan’s French fries and ketchup. No birthday is complete without a cake and Mary had a combination chocolate and vanilla decorated especially for the occasion. Not only was the cake decorated for the special day, but Mary was adorned with a crown as well as a sash declaring her the official “Birthday Lady.” Mary is proof that life is to be lived. Every morning she is up early and makes sure her make-up is applied before heading to breakfast. She enjoys playing the lottery, bingo, exercise, chatting with her friends, and the occasional jelly donut or éclair. Her life is full and blessed with beautiful grandchildren and great grandchildren. What is Mary’s secret to enjoying a healthy old age? Of course, she has good genes but her positivity, and faith keeps her going day in and day out. Happy Birthday, Mary Wyeroski!