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Amelia Islander

White Oak Posters on Display at Fernandina Beach Library

Mar 19, 2018 02:00AM
Join Friends of the Fernandina Beach Library at their latest exhibit of posters from White Oak Conservation Center, on display until April 30th, 2018 in the library Community Room gallery, 25 North 4th Street.

White Oak Conservation was created in 1982 by Howard Gillman in Nassau County, FL to help preserve some of the world’s most endangered species. It remains today as one of the premier wildlife breeding, research and training facilities in the world. Howard Gilman (1924-1987) became Chair and CEO of the Gilman Paper Company in 1983 after the death of his father and brother and created the Howard Gilman Foundation. The Foundation gave to organizations devoted to science, medicine, education, endangered animals, social justice, and the visual and performing arts. These were Howard Gilman’s philanthropic passions.

Posters on display represent Gilman’s love for music, opera, horses, endangered animals and dance. Gilman supported Mikhail Baryshnikov and created the White Oak Dance Studio for Baryshnikov and Mark Morris to explore new choreographic development in both ballet and modern dance. Several posters show his commitment to dance and music.

Highlights of the exhibit include a poster from the White Oak Dance Project, along with images of a cheetah, baby rhino and giant eland, all part of the White Oak Conservation effort. Educational activities associated with the exhibit will be scheduled and announced separately. For more information on White Oak Conservation visit: