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Amelia Islander

AJB Renovations

Feb 05, 2018 12:31PM
Marcus Yew and Amanda Borghese have lived in, renovated, and designed homes on four continents. Now that they both live full-time on Amelia Island, they have teamed up to form AJB Renovations, a business founded upon their shared passion. “We work so well together!” says Amanda, who has furnished traditional homes in Rome, Paris, and the American Northeast, as well as various beachside getaways in North Carolina and Florida. “Having moved many times, I know what improvements to make in a home that will bring the most return on an investment,” she says. “Marcus has a knack for numbers, finding amazing deals, and making our ideas reality. We complement each other perfectly!”

Their style is colorful and contemporary, with classic elegance. They are also practical. “We always factor in our island’s climate—the sand, salt air, and the sunny lifestyle that comes with them. That means choosing the right materials for the right designs,” says Marcus. “We’ve seen many homes here; they all have their quirks! We like taking advantage of them, and making the most of the space for our clients.” Despite being in business for less than two years, the duo has gathered a team of local experts they trust. “We love the people we work with. We also work on the go—no office, no overhead. That means we can offer much better prices! Call us—we’re always up for a chat.” Amanda and Marcus can be reached at (904) 310-9114. To see before-and-after photos of recent projects, visit their Facebook page.