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Amelia Islander

Chamber Music: A Primer

Jan 24, 2018 02:00AM
The annual Amelia Island Chamber Music Festival kicks off in January, this season featuring “The Year of the Piano.” For some of us who are not familiar with chamber music, or consider it a genre of music that is “old fashioned” or difficult to understand, AICMF Executive Director Joe Marasco offers an explanation:

“Chamber music, which originated in Europe in the 16th Century, involves a group of 10 or fewer musicians performing as an ensemble, usually in a small, indoor setting. The ensemble typically consists of strings and can include some combination of woodwinds and piano, or the instrument’s predecessor, the harpsichord.

The Amelia Island Music Festival presents traditional classical chamber music performed by internationally recognized musicians. Their programs typically include works by such giants such as Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, and the musical styles from Baroque to Romantic. However, chamber music continues to be composed today, and the AICMF also presents Modern and Post-Modern genres.

At the time of its inception, chamber music often was performed by amateurs, who played together in what might be called ‘jam sessions.’ What we consider today as classical music was the popular music at that time. And history repeats itself as amateurs today jam in small groups to rock, jazz, country, or folk.

At this year’s festival you will hear traditional classical chamber music, along with artists from other genres such as jazz, bluegrass, and more. We hope you will find these eclectic additions to our traditional chamber music repertoire appealing and entertaining!”

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