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Amelia Islander

ArtsyMe adds ReDoing Spaces to Gallery

Jan 17, 2018 02:00AM
ReDoing Spaces is an innovative new concept in affordable interior design services, offered within ArtsyMe Studio on South 8th Street. Owner Lisa Chaffman’s concept is to fill a void in the market by reaching a broader audience, helping them solve design challenges more affordably. The name, ReDoing Spaces, tells it all. Lisa takes your existing space and works with what you already own and adds to it some up-to-date pieces to make a more appealing and cohesive home.

Lisa is also offering Virtual Decorating – the first of its kind on Amelia Island. So many people have a hard time visualizing what will look good in their home and they end up making expensive mistakes. Lisa brings your room to life virtually right in her studio on the big screen and you can see what your room will look like before you commit to expensive mistakes.

“I meet people everyday that I would love to work with that are struggling to get the look they want without the high cost and mistakes that so easily happen in decorating," says Lisa. “If they call me early on in the process I can help them avoid expensive mistakes like paint choices, furniture, flooring, and so on.” ReDoing Spaces has been decorating homes for over 20 years. Lisa sets her sights on small to mid-sized projects and individual room design. ReDoing Spaces wants to introduce decorating to a new group of design savvy, budget conscious homeowners. For more information call (904) 556-2026.