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Amelia Islander

Robyn Branch Design

Dec 01, 2017 04:38PM
Robyn Branch changed her business model three years ago as her main focus became design in the luxury interior markets. “We have turned our business into a thriving studio while maintaining our retail accounts,” says Robyn. “I prefer to work developing longtime tried-and-true relationships with our customers and vendors. My association with the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) helps me to continue to learn and stay current.” Robyn Branch Design won a first place design award from ASID in 2016, and a first and second place in 2017. “It was a great moment for my staff to be in such fine company,” says Robyn. “ASID has graciously welcomed me, and I’m thrilled to associate with talents locally and nationally.” With a staff of five, Robyn attends many trade shows, while also completing continuing education requirements in all areas of design. “We also work with other designers and welcome collaboration,” says Robyn. “The collaborative spirit is very important, and ASID helps to facilitate that and provides support when we need it. I will also complete the CAPS program this year. As our island and our world ages, it is important to stay current on lighting, mobility, and function.” Among Robyn’s strengths is her ability to see what can be —helping her clients achieve the ultimate possibility for their homes. “Listening, gently guiding, and caring are the tools of our trade!” says Robyn. For more information, call (904) 491-1199 or visit 1027 South 8th Street or