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Amelia Islander

The Lives They Led - Stories from Bosque Bello

Sep 13, 2017 02:00AM
Buried at Bosque Bello Cemetery are individuals, families, and groups that played key roles in the development, heritage, diversity, and rich past of Fernandina Beach. Their stories, their contributions, and how they lived their lives represent our historical connection to not just our local community, but to Florida, our nation, and the world.

Each headstone and memorial at Bosque Bello has cultural heritage significance and story value. Sadly, many of the early grave markers were carved from wood, and they either rotted or disappeared over time. The earliest recorded grave at Bosque Bello is dated from 1813, while the original section of the Cemetery is thought to have been established in 1798.

The land that encompasses Bosque Bello was granted to the City as a public burial ground by Don Domingo Fernandez, an early private landowner. In Bosque Bello, you will discover the graves of 19th century Spanish residents, Amelia Island Lighthouse keepers, gun runners, politicians, boat captains, magicians, law enforcement officers, victims of both yellow and typhoid fever epidemics, nuns, and veterans of many wars - from the American Revolution to the present day. The cemetery is located at 1321 North 14th Street near the entrance of historic Old Town Fernandina Beach. For more information visit