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Amelia Islander

Acrylic Painting Demonstration

Sep 06, 2017 02:00AM
The Plantation Artists’ Guild & Gallery will host an acrylic painting demonstration by artist Carol Winner on Wednesday, September 13 at 7 p.m. at the Gallery, located at 94 Amelia Village Circle at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation. Winner will demonstrate her skills using acrylic paints as she talks about creating canvases of her favorite subjects, like seascapes, sand dunes, and flowers.

Carol Winner has been a professional artist for over 30 years. Her work is privately owned internationally and domestically and is included in many cooperate collections. Her current two-dimensional work combines drawing, painting and photography, using image transfer, charcoal, papers, acrylic paint and found objects. Carol loves a good story and draws from mythology, history, biography, fables and her own personal stories. She approaches a new painting as if observing a dream: not judging or questioning, trusting that it will emerge in its own good time. She plays, pushing a good composition and letting color speak its mind, consciously keeping the voice that says, “you can’t do that,” at bay, remembering van Gogh saying, “It is our obligation as artists to disregard public opinion.” At some point the mystery begins to seek resolution and definition; titles often appear at this point, mutating as Carol manipulates language, ideas and images. It is a very mysterious process that defies explanation and works best when left to its own will.

For more information, visit or call (904) 432-1750.