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Amelia Islander

Bringing People and Animals Together

Aug 11, 2017 03:01PM
It’s summer at Nassau Humane Society, and that’s not the easiest time of the year for the organization, with people on vacation and the shelter low on volunteers and donations. In fact, most animal shelters across the country suffer during the summer months as they try to keep up with the endless stream of kittens and puppies coming though their doors. “Summer is kitten and puppy season,” says Sherry Merritt, NHS’s director of operations. “Our shelter is full, and we are always in need of people to help foster these animals, and socialize them, so they will be more adoptable.” NHS also partners with Nassau County Animal Services in Yulee, trying to connect people with their “forever” companions. Adoption counselors match families with animals, both dogs and cats, using videos, still photos, and live adoptions, where people can meet the animals who need homes. Volunteers are what make the system work. “We have 25 to 30 volunteers who foster kittens, 15 to 20 people who walk dogs three times per week, and an adoption wagon that takes animals out to meet the public,” says Sherry. “We also operate a food bank for people who might not be able to afford pet food. Our resale store, “Second Chance” has 15 to 20 volunteers working there. Our dog park provides a place for pet owners and their dogs to run and play and swim in the pool.” Over the last 31 years, the Nassau Humane Society has a long line of adoption success stories. The following are just a few of our local animal lovers and their “forever” companions. If you’re inspired by these stories, consider adopting an animal from NHS, making a donation, or putting in a few hours of volunteer work during a time of year when it’s needed the most! For more information, visit NHS at 639 Airport Road, call (904) 321-1647, or visit

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