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Amelia Islander

Brand Mortgage

Ben Stephens, Meredith Shave, and Bianca Rosado worked as a mortgage team for many years before opening the BrandMortgage branch in Fernandina Beach in January 2017. Established in 1905, BrandMortgage is a subsidiary of BrandBank, one of the oldest, privately-owned banks in Georgia. Today, BrandMortgage’s footprint has grown to provide loans in 10 states. “We have a unique market here,” says Stephens. “With BrandMortgage, we provide a broad spectrum of products for our clients, including options for condos, lots, new construction, and specialty loans, as well as the traditional conventional and government loan programs.” “Our clients are also our friends and neighbors, some I have known since grade school and others who are brand new to our town, says Shave. “Our personal service and dedication to complete customer satisfaction is what sets us apart from other lenders. We care about our community, and we enjoy seeing it prosper.” Shave, Stephens, and Rosado have worked together since 2009—known locally as “The Amelia Team”— and bring over 50 years of combined mortgage experience. “We work together as a team,” says Stephens, “and we guide our clients through the loan process, step by step. We love Nassau County and enjoy serving our current neighbors as well as those aspiring to become a part of this very special place.” BrandMortgage is located at 1405 Park Avenue, Suite 202. For more information, call (904) 301-4492 or email [email protected].