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Amelia Islander

The Volunteer Center Needs You!

Jul 12, 2017 02:00AM
Nassau County Volunteer Center helps county residents give back to the community by sharing their time and talents as volunteers. They are dedicated to their mission of mobilizing people and resources, through volunteerism, to deliver creative solutions for community needs.

NCVV serves the citizens of Nassau County by recruiting and guiding thousands of volunteers a year. These volunteers donate tens of thousands of hours to community nonprofits. These hours of service translate into a monetary value of hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

The benefits to the volunteers themselves are invaluable: the knowledge that they are changing lives and making a difference, as well as connecting with their community and making new friends. Because of their diversity, the Nassau County Volunteer Center reaches more people than any other agency in the county.

The Nassau County Volunteer Center was organized in 1985 by a group of civic-minded volunteers, at first housed and supported by the First Presbyterian Church of Fernandina Beach. Twenty-five volunteers were recruited to offer their services to local agencies as volunteers.

In the following years, the organization grew to become a satellite of Volunteer Jacksonville; but the Volunteer Center soon became autonomous in 1991 and also a United Way agency. In the 27 years since its inception, the Volunteer Center has grown to become an agency that recruits over 3,000 volunteers annually with its services open to 35 nonprofit agencies in Nassau County. For more information visit or call (904) 261-2771.