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Amelia Islander

Walkin’ Nassau Walks Old Town

May 03, 2017 08:57AM
Don’t miss your chance to see a piece of local history as Walkin’ Nassau visits Old Town, the original of Fernandina Historic Site on May 20 at 9 a.m. Meet the group on White Street right off 14th Street on the north end of the island just past the cemetery. Park on the right side of the road and be sure to sign in prior to walking the neighborhood.

The area has borne various names under the eight flags which have ruled Amelia Island. The English named it Egmont City, and the name Fernandina was provided by the Spanish Governor Enrique White who wanted King Ferdinand to set up a ‘court in exile’ here when Spain was invaded by Napoleon. He changed the name as an added, but unsuccessful, incentive. Subsequently, Fernandina’s residents moved to what is now called Fernandina Beach because the railroad sponsored by Sen. David Yulee could only make it to Center Street – it could not cross the salt-marsh to Old Town. Old Town is the place where the name Fernandina was first used.

Bring a friend and explore this very unique and historic locale! Bring water, sunscreen, bug spray, and wear good walking shoes. For more information about Walkin’ Nassau visit their Facebook page.