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Amelia Islander

Pelindaba Lavender

Apr 13, 2017 12:38PM
When Pam James and Heather Edge were vacationing in Washington State, they toured Pelindaba Lavender, an organic lavender farm on San Juan Island. The farm produces flowers and essential oil from their organically certified lavender fields to handcraft a wide range of personal care, therapeutic, culinary, botanical, household, and pet care products. The two friends were so impressed with the quality and aesthetic standards of the farm that they decided to open their own Pelindaba Lavender in downtown Fernandina Beach.

The store opened on South 4th Street to rave reviews from customers seeking out the exceptional benefits of lavender. “Lavender has so many therapeutic qualities,” says Pam. “From aromatherapy to use as a natural insect repellent, lavender offers many health benefits.” Adds Heather: “Pelindaba is committed to sustainable, organic agriculture, and all their products are handcrafted on-site, which allows us to offer the highest quality lavender products from a company we admire a great deal.”

“Our offerings consist of teas, spices, chocolate, and other edibles, along with a full line of products for personal care, therapy, and the home. We also have jewelry, gift collections, and products for pets,” says Pam. “We have something for everyone in the store!” Pelindaba is a Zulu term meaning “a place of great gatherings,” and Pam and Heather hope their store will become a place where lavender-lovers gather to reap the benefits of this beautiful and fragrant herb. For more information, visit or call (904) 432-7300.