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Amelia Islander

If you leave it, you will lose it

Mar 17, 2017 02:00AM
Personal property left unattended after 8 p.m. on Amelia Island beaches will be removed and destroyed under island-wide beach ordinances for Nassau County and City of Fernandina Beach. Personal items include tents, tent poles, cabanas, coolers, grills, beach chairs, kayaks, sailboards, and sand toys.

According to Amelia Island Sea Turtle Watch President Mary Duffy, items left on the beach overnight pose "obstacles for endangered sea turtles attempting to nest...endangered sea turtles can become entangled and forced to crawl around to find a place to lay their eggs or, worse yet, return to the sea without depositing their eggs, only to have to return to find another nesting site. None of this is easy for a 200-pound turtle." In 2016, after the Nassau County ordinance was passed, there were a record number of turtle nests.

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