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Amelia Islander

Pablo's Mexican Cuisine

Feb 09, 2017 09:36AM
Pablo’s Mexican Cuisine is a restaurant owned by a warm, loving family with a passion for what they do. Featuring a myriad of authentic Mexican recipes and a friendly atmosphere, Pablo’s is a great place to eat, any day of the week.

I recently invited my friend Dan Voll to join me at Pablo’s for dinner. Dan is a well-known local musician who spends most of his nights entertaining Amelia Islanders and visitors alike, but this evening he was free for dinner and looking forward to a relaxed, authentic Mexican dinner hosted by Pablo and Katherine Madrigal.

Katherine started me off with a Mojito, crisp and bright, made with rum, fresh lime juice, mint, simple syrup, and delicious fruit flavorings like strawberry and mango. Wow, what a great start to dinner! I enjoyed my drink with Pablo’s delicious homemade salsa and chips. The salsa was very fresh, and we could really taste the cilantro and spices.

Pablo then brought us an amazing Queso Dip, unlike any I’ve ever had. The hot cheese was spicy and loaded with homemade chorizo, along with achiote and garlic, and it was served flaming! What a treat, served with more hot and crispy tortilla chips. Pablo asked us to try his guacamole, too, which Dan and I concurred is probably the best in town. All of Pablo’s dips are made fresh daily.

Next on the menu was Pablo’s famous Chile Relleno, and I say famous because everyone I know talks about it—a roasted poblano pepper filled with chorizo or grilled chicken, queso, and served on a bed of roasted tomato sauce. We had our Chile Relleno with cheese only, and Pablo told us he makes his own special blend of four types of cheese. I especially loved the rich and smoky flavor of the tomato sauce, and I was afraid that Dan and I would argue over who got the last bite!

Shrimp Tequila (or Camaron Tequila) was the next dish we tried, made with sautéed spicy shrimp, roasted tomato sauce, and gold tequila, served with yellow rice. This is a lovely entrée for shrimp lovers, and I really appreciated the care put into the perfectly cooked and seasoned rice. We also sampled Pablo’s Chile Colorado, which is his grandmother’s recipe, made with pork tips, chile guajillo, and ancho sauce, served with tortillas. This dish was so rich; the pork was incredibly tender, and the sauces balanced out the dish perfectly.

For dessert, Katherine brought us Flan, a rich custard with golden syrup, decorated with a smiley face made with maraschino cherry pieces. The flan resembled Dan himself, smiling as he gobbled it up! This sweet and creamy dessert was the perfect ending to a memorable meal.

Pablo’s, located at 12 North 2nd Street, features hand-crafted premium Margaritas, served at their beautiful bar, along with a roomy dining area and outdoor patio. They offer specials every night, along with a large assortment of everyone’s favorite Mexican dishes like Fajitas, Tacos, Enchiladas, and Burritos, all made fresh with vibrant spices and seasonings. They are open seven days a week. For more information, call (904) 261-0049 or visit