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Amelia Islander

The Diamond Market

Jan 10, 2017 11:32AM
As a licensed life insurance agent, Suzanne McCloud realized she wanted to offer hard, tangible assets to her clients, and she was fascinated with the value of rare colored diamonds. After an exhaustive educational process, she became an Authorized Diamond Consultant with The Diamond Market. “Only 1 in 10,000 diamonds are true colored diamonds,” says Suzanne. “These exquisite rarities have appreciated 10 to 15 per cent each year, and are safe, lucrative assets, experiencing much less volatility than silver or gold. Yellow diamonds have doubled in value every seven years. Reds, blues, and greens have seen the greatest appreciation, having quadrupled within the last decade.” Rare colored diamonds are a growing trend across the globe, giving clients a perfect potential hedge against unstable paper currency and depreciating assets. “FOX, Bloomberg, CNBC, and others are talking about the trend of colored diamonds,” says Suzanne. “We create custom rings, necklaces, earrings in both men’s and women’s jewelry. All pieces receive a Gemological Institute of America grading report and appraisal. And clients can wear them for pure enjoyment while they appreciate in value, and pass them on to a loved one.” When she’s not selling diamonds, Suzanne is very active in the community with the Amelia Island Jazz Festival and Rotary Club of Amelia Island Sunrise. For more information about The Diamond Market, visit or contact Suzanne at (904) 662-2306 or [email protected].