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Amelia Islander

Windward Sailing

Jul 11, 2016 02:16PM
Tony Jones has always loved being on the water. He was introduced to sailing when he was a youngster, while visiting his grandparents who lived on a lake. His devotion to boating and fishing eventually prompted him to buy his first sailboat as a young adult. But it wasn’t until 2005 that he and his wife, Cindy, purchased their own sailing business, Windward Sailing. Windward has a long history in Fernandina Beach. The original business, called Sail Amelia, was opened by Ted Waas in 1988. With a sailing legacy of nearly 30 years, Jones and Windward Sailing are a perfect fit. “The thing I love most about this business is introducing people to sailing,” says Tony. “The tranquility of being on the ocean without a motor running is like nothing else. While sailing, you can even hear dolphins moving through the water. It’s amazing. And if you want to learn to sail, the American Sailing Association has awarded Windward Sailing its ‘Outstanding School of the Year’ Award.” Windward Sailing offers sailing lessons, certification training, private charters, day trips, sunset cruises, and overnight trips. “The sailing here is outstanding all year long,” says Jones. “On the beautiful waterways of Fernandina Beach, Cumberland Island, and the Atlantic Ocean, you’ll make wonderful memories on the water. Whether you want to learn to sail or just enjoy a relaxing time on the water with family and friends, Windward Sailing makes it fun and easy!” For more information, call (904) 327-3265 or visit