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Amelia Islander

Financial Strategies of Amelia

Feb 05, 2016 11:18AM
Thirteen years ago, Nicola Nichol, CFA, discovered Amelia Island when she was exploring the East Coast on her sailboat. A short year later, she relocated to the island, working for UBS and Merrill Lynch in Jacksonville. Not wanting to leave the island each day, Nicola opened Financial Strategies of Amelia in 2010. “My mission is to help those entering retirement and those already in retirement, particularly women, feel confident about their financial future. I like to remove the stress and anxiety that often accompanies retirement,” says Nicola. “Your financial life is compared to pieces of a puzzle scattered everywhere. A 401k here, a life insurance policy and investment account there, with social security thrown in the mix. I take those pieces and make a clear picture of your financial future, which removes a lot worry.” Nicola is committed to helping the community through education. Each month, she hosts a “Women, Wealth and Wine” event, which provides a fun and relaxed environment for women to ask questions. Nicola also chairs the Finance Education Group of the Newcomers Club. “Every client is important, and the best compliment is, ‘how do people do this on their own?’” smiles Nicola. “I’ve helped clients who didn’t know how much money they possessed, clients forced into early retirement due to health reasons who never anticipated living on a budget, and even clients who were spending very little because of worry about spending too much.” For more information, call (904) 305-2608 or visit