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Drop for Cops Parachute Challenge

Feb 01, 2016 02:00AM
Police Lieutenant Jack Bradley was born and raised in Fernandina Beach and has lived and worked in Nassau County his entire life. Many are unaware that for more than a year he has been bravely battling glioblastoma multiforme or GBM, a primary brain cancer. GBM tumors begin in the brain, rather than travel to the brain from other parts of the body. It can be relentless and debilitating, as well as difficult to treat.

Jack has faithfully served the citizens of Nassau County, Florida for more than thirty years. Sadly, he is not eligible for full retirement benefits from the City of Fernandina Beach, nor is he eligible for any benefits from previous employment pension plans. If Jack should pass away or be unable to work during the next four years he would receive only reduced benefits and his wife Constance would not be eligible for spousal benefits in the future.

The "Drop for Cops Parachute Challenge" event was created to provide the Fernandina Beach Police Foundation with a funding source for its Officer Assistance Program so that the board could make decisions that would have a positive financial impact on officers in need, like Jack Bradley. Local concerned citizens plan to raise money over the next six months by skydiving onto the beach at Fort Clinch State Park on Police Memorial Day, Sunday, May 15, 2016. Police Chief Jim Hurley will be joined by Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper, Fernandina Beach Mayor Johnny Miller, Vice Mayor Robin Lentz, City Commissioner Tim Poynter, Managing Director Donald Stamets of the Omni Amelia Island, Pastor Anthony Daniel of the Historic Macedonia AME Church, Director Susan Woodford of the Nassau Alcohol, Crime and Drug Abatement Coalition, business owner Mike Zaffaroni of Liberty Landscape Supply (formerly Fernandina Mulch and Stone) and FASTSIGNS, and CFANicola Nichol, of Financial Strategies of Amelia Island.

Each "celebrity" skydiver will also participate by sending their circle of friends to a GoFundMe account, with all donations routed to the FBPF Officer Assistance Program. The money raised will allow the FBPF board the opportunity to buy time in the pension plan on Jack's behalf, if they elect to do so, or to provide some other measure of assistance. If donors prefer, they can mail a check directly to the FBPF at 1525 Lime Street, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034, to ensure that their entire donation goes to the Officer Assistance Program.

State Senator Aaron Bean has pledged to act as Master of Ceremonies as each local "celebrity" comes hurtling out of the sky on May 15th while well-wishers gather at Fort Clinch to enjoy food and drink, as well as instant video replays of those making the jump.

Please consider donating to this campaign via the FBPF funding partner at: For more information call (904) 310-3201.