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Amelia Islander

Nassau Bird Club Outing

Oct 16, 2015 02:00AM
Join members of Nassau Bird Club on Saturday, October 24 at 8 a.m. for birding trip to Egams Creek Greenway. Located behind the Atlantic Recreation Center, 2500 Atlantic Avenue, the Greenway is across the street from Fort Clinch State Park in Fernandina Beach. The Greenway is on the Great Florida Birding Trail; it is a dynamic landscape featuring salt marsh, hardwood hammock, a reclaimed freshwater swamp, and coastal hammock. The event is held rain or shine. It us suggested that you bring binoculars, field guide, bug juice, sunscreen, rain gear, and water. For more information about the trip call Carol Wyatt at (904) 261-9272 0r email her at [email protected] The following is a list of birds seen during last month’s trip to Huguenot Park (H), Little Talbot Island State Park overlooking the Fort George River (LT), Spoonbill Pond (S) and Egan's Creek (E) looking North from Atlantic Avenue. Pied-billed Grebe S Brown Pelican H Double-crested Cormorant S Great Blue Heron LT - E Great Egret H -LT - E Snowy Egret LT Tricolored Heron E Reddish Egret - a pair at LT White Ibis LT Roseate Spoonbill E Wood Stork E Canada Geese S - about 30 at 6:30AM Mottled Duck LT Osprey H - LT - S - E Probably 9 all total Black-bellied Plover LT - some still in summer plumage Semipalmated Plover LT Willet H Ruddy Turnstone H Sanderling H Laughing Gull H Royal Tern LT Forster's Tern LT Black Skimmer LT Mourning Dove H Common Ground-Dove H Belted Kingfisher LT - E Mockingbird H Boat-tailed Grackle - H