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Amelia Islander

Fancy Sushi Japanese Grill & Sushi Bar

Oct 12, 2015 10:25AM
Fancy Sushi opened in 2007 to rave reviews from sushi-loving diners on Amelia Island. Owner Susan Wang and her friendly staff serve traditional and creative Japanese dishes every day, along with fine wines, beer, and sake. I invited my friend Roger to meet me at Fancy Sushi recently for dinner. The restaurant always has a lively atmosphere, and this night was no exception. I ordered a glass of Chateau Saint Michelle Sauvignon Blanc, and for Roger, Momokawa Pearl cold unfiltered sake. Unfiltered sake has a creamy consistency and a delightful flavor, and it is perfect with sushi dishes. Susan brought us a bowl of their famous soup, and I say famous because everyone I know is crazy about it. It’s a beef-based broth, simmered for eight-to-nine hours with celery and onions, to which crumbled tempura crackers are added. She also brought us the Holiday Roll, or Yum Yum Roll, a complimentary appetizer to enjoy before our main entrée. For our next course, Roger and I shared the Zesty Tuna appetizer, a sushi roll sitting atop a bed of raw daikon radish “noodles”. The roll was lightly battered and fried, filled with spicy tuna, cream cheese, spicy mayonnaise, and sesame seeds. An Ochi flower garnished the plate, and Roger and I nibbled on this beautiful embellishment, which tasted faintly of celery. Our next dish was Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura, my favorite dish at Fancy Sushi. The shrimp is encrusted with tempura crackers, and it is so crispy and perfectly cooked. The vegetables consisted of sweet potatoes, mushrooms, zucchini, and broccoli in a light batter, served with a tempura dipping sauce made with soy sauce and ginger. Delicious! Susan suggested we share the Amazing Roll, their most requested sushi special. It’s filled with shrimp, avocado, krab, red tobiko, and wasabi tobiko, and it’s a little like two rolls-in-one. We ate the roll dipped in soy sauce with wasabi paste and bits of pickled ginger. I can see why this is a restaurant favorite! We also shared a dish from the hibachi menu, King Salmon and Scallops served over a beautiful plate of mixed vegetables in a light sauce. What an agreeable and healthy dish, and so flavorful, with the salmon served very moist, tender, and flaky. Susan suggested that Roger and I sample another variety of sake, Shochiku Bai hot sake. A clear, draft-style beverage, it paired nicely with my very favorite Fancy Sushi dessert, Fried Oreo Cookies! I can never resist those hot, crispy, creamy cookies, lightly battered and fried, and served with fresh whipped cream. Fancy Sushi offers unique hospitality to all of its customers. Whenever I place an order to-go, a server brings me a bowl of soup to enjoy while I’m waiting for my food. The fried Oreos and Yum Yum rolls are also complimentary to all diners, and such a special touch, in my opinion. Some of my other Fancy Sushi favorites include their pan-fried Udon Noodles with Vegetables and Shrimp, the Rainbow Roll made with red snapper and salmon, and their Green Tea Ice Cream. Fancy Sushi is located on Sadler Road near Starbuck. Call them at (904) 261-9855 or visit