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Amelia Islander

A Brief History of Food

Mar 18, 2015 02:00AM
Local writer Karen Miller has teamed up with Ray Hollister, host and executive producer of Deemable Tech, to produce a new blog and podcast called A Brief History of Food. Miller met Hollister when she sent a tech question to the show, which airs on WJCT every Thursday morning. Miller’s idea for a podcast featuring a short history of classic American dishes interested Hollister, and after several meetings they decided to launch the project together. The podcast is a 4-minute broadcast that discusses a different food each week, using history and memoir to tell the story. “Podcasting is a modern form of broadcasting over the internet, and it’s becoming the new face of radio journalism,” says Miller. “It allows listeners to access episodes of their favorite shows whenever they want.”

Miller is senior writer for Amelia Islander Magazine, and monthly contributor to Jacksonville Magazine. She also works as a cookbook editor for The Art of Dining in Memphis, Tennessee. Hollister graduated from Douglas Anderson School of the Arts as a vocal arts major, and was an internet services technology major at Florida State College at Jacksonville. He currently works at WJCT as their digital content editor. A Brief History of Food is available on iTunes, or visit