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Amelia Islander

The Wissmann Family in Concert

Jan 28, 2015 02:00AM
The Wissmann Family will be in concert at Amelia Baptist Church on Sunday, February 15 at 7 p.m. Hailing from the Midwest, the 15-member family has spent the last 12 years delighting audiences nation-wide with their uplifting blend of gospel and bluegrass music. Featuring Loren, Gloria and their 13 children, each concert is filled with tight vocal harmonies, award-winning bluegrass pickin’ and memorable family moments.

Traveling in their 45-foot bus, the Wissmann family annually shares its musical talents with an average of 200 church services throughout 35 states, Canada, and Mexico. The children range in age from 32 to 7 years. Due to marriage and job responsibilities four of the older children no longer tour. Each family member is an essential part of each concert, singing in harmonies and playing a wide variety of instruments. Amelia Baptist Church is located at 961167 Buccaneer Trail. For more information call (904) 261-9527.