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Amelia Islander

Nested Turtle

Lisa Dockery had a career in information technology when she decided to make a drastic change in her profession: she started an online business creating artisan greeting cards, something that had been her passion since childhood. Opening up her shop, The Nested Turtle, with her boyfriend, Kevin Cornett, was the next step in growing their business from selling online and at arts markets. “People often ask us how we came up with the name for our shop,” says Lisa. “It was easy for us once we started thinking about what we loved – paper and wood. Together, our love of paper and wood is helping us to build our little nest, and the turtle in the nest, well, that comes from our quirky, whimsical side.” While Lisa creates cards, stationery, gift tags, and bags, Kevin uses hand tools to create items from wood, such as serving trays, candleholders, and furniture. Besides their Fernandina Beach store front, they also have two web sites, and they sell wholesale to other businesses. “We offer a wide array of greeting cards and personalized stationery, as well as home decor items such as candles and kitchenware,” says Lisa. “Our gift items range from bath and body products to wood-turned pens and electronic cases for your tablet or laptop, and ninety percent of our items are handmade. In addition, since all Nested Turtle branded paper products are designed and crafted in-house, we can customize most items to meet your needs.” Visit their shop at 25 South Third Street, their web site at, or call them at (904) 310-3072.