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Amelia Islander

Conservation Celebration

Consider this: how would you determine if an elephant is pregnant, if a stingray has an ovarian disease, or if it is the right time to introduce tigers for breeding?

Stumped? Curious? Excellent! To learn answers to these fascinating questions, the South-East Zoo Alliance for Reproduction & Conservation (SEZARC), a Yulee-based non-profit organization, invites you to join them for a dinner event on November 13, 2014 from 6:30 to 8:30 PM at La Mancha Restaurant on Sadler Road in Fernandina Beach. Dinner will include a fantastic meal of paella, accompanied by a salad appetizer, desert, and unlimited sangria. While you dine, SEZARC scientists will share stories about their efforts to solve reproductive challenges in endangered animals. In addition, there will be a silent auction with items from local sponsors.

SEZARC provides solutions to reproductive challenges in zoo animals through fertility checks, assisted reproductive techniques, breeding plans, and research throughout the United States, including locally at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens and at White Oak Conservation Holdings, LLC. SEZARC’s mission is to help ensure the long-term survival of threatened and endangered species by ensuring that reproduction can occur as it should. Of course, one of the challenges in working with endangered species is that very little is known about their basic biology, and so SEZARC also designs and implements scientific projects to investigate key reproduction questions. Thus, the knowledge that is gained from SEZARC’s work in zoos also can help conservation of these wonderful creatures within their natural habitat.

Tickets to the November 13 fundraiser cost $55, and all net proceeds ($20 per ticket) go toward supporting SEZARC's mission to help ensure the long-term survival of threatened and endangered species. Tickets can be purchased locally at Magna's Salon at 103 Centre Street on Amelia Island or on-line at