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Amelia Islander

Where on Amelia?

During the month of October, the Amelia Islander Magazine has been running a special photo contest called “Where on Amelia?” We post photos Monday through Friday of places around Amelia Island and readers are invited to guess the location. You may guess by commenting or by private message (preferred) and throughout the month of October we will keep track of the correct answers. The person who has the most correct answers will receive a gourmet dinner out with our food writer, Karen Miller, who writes our monthly “Eating Scene” column.

We’re two weeks into the contest and we have lots of people guessing each day. You still have a chance to win! Go to our Facebook page and “like” Amelia Islander Magazine. You’ll receive a post every day with a new photo. Share with you friends on Facebook so they can guess, too.

Disclaimers: You may guess once each day. Dinner is for winner only, and the restaurant chosen depends upon The Eating Scene column for that month. The winner will be announced on November 1, 2014.