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Amelia Islander

Guitar Donations Needed

Aug 29, 2014 02:00AM
Remember the day you thought you still had a chance at being a rock star, so you went out and bought a guitar? Where is it now? Stuffed away in a closet? Or hanging on your wall? Did you know there are lots of youngsters in Nassau County who would love to learn to play, but don’t have the money to purchase their own guitar.

Arts Alive Nassau is starting a guitar program at Yulee Elementary in September, as part of its after-school programs. To do so, they need donations of acoustic guitars in good condition. Arts Alive Nassau is a non-profit organization that provides free after school art and music classes for children ages 6 to 10 in Nassau County. For more information or to make a donation call (904) 225-0575 or email [email protected]